Strategies for Maintaining Integrity

Strategies for Maintaining Integrity

Strategies for Maintaining Integrity

Part 3, Section 1: Writing Sample: The Connection Between Academic and Professional Integrity

Using the Academic and Professional Success Development Template, you began in Week 1 and continued working on in Week 2, write a 2-  3-paragraph analysis that includes the following:

  • The explanation for the relationship between academic integrity and writing
  • The explanation for the relationship between professional practices and scholarly ethics
  • Cite at least 2 resources that support your arguments, being sure to use proper APA formatting.
  • Use Grammarly and SafeAssign to improve the product.
  • Explain how Grammarly, Safe Assign, and paraphrasing contribute to academic integrity


Part 3, Section 2: Strategies for Maintaining Integrity of Work

Expand on your thoughts from Section 1 by:

  • Identify and describe strategies you intend to pursue  to maintain integrity and ethics of your 1) academic work while a  student of the MSN program and 2) professional work as a nurse  throughout your career.
  • Include a review of resources and approaches you  propose to use as a student and a professional.

Note: Add your work for this Assignment to the original document you began in the Week 1 Assignment, which was built off the Academic Success and Professional Development Plan Template.

Week 1 Journal

As a future advanced practice nurse, it is essential that you can connect your classroom experience to your Practicum Experience.

You enhance your professional competency by applying the concepts you study in the classroom to clinical settings. Each week you complete an Assignment, such as Journal Entries or SOAP Notes, that prompts you to reflect on your Practicum Experiences and relate them to the material presented in the classroom. This week you begin documenting your Practicum Experiences in your Practicum Journal.

To prepare for this course’s Practicum Experience, address the following in your Practicum Journal:

  • Select and explain a nursing theory or feminist perspective to guide your clinical practice.
  • Develop goals and objectives for the Practicum Experience in this course. When developing your goals and objectives, keep women’s health guidelines and best practices in mind.
  •  Create a timeline of practicum activities based on your practicum requirements. (Uploaded a PowerPoint with requirements listed on a slide about halfway through the PowerPoint)

Week 2 Journal

To prepare for this course’s Practicum Experience, think about common screenings for women. Explain how screenings differ for younger women and older women, and explain the implications of these differences.