NUR 508 – Experience with Health Policy

NUR 508 – Experience with Health Policy

NUR 508 – Experience with Health Policy: Collaborative Learning Community: Experience with Health Policy

Topic 1 (10 points) – Experience with Health Policy
Check into the CLC group and provide contact information and describe prior experience, if any, with health policy. Locate and read the CLC Agreement provided by the instructor, located within the Additional Resources Folder in Canyon Connect. Choose one member to transfer the document to the CLC forum. Decide upon the process needed to fill out the contract. Everyone should participate. Before filling out the agreement, it may be helpful for each student to describe the most difficult, frustrating, helpful, or beneficial aspects of working on a collaborative project. Getting this type of information out in the open ahead of time may help to prevent conflict later on. Since no one is angry yet, you can comfortably list what is likely to make you angry and also what would make you satisfied.
Complete the CLC Agreement (except for the final block, which is used at the end). Select someone to submit the CLC Agreement by the end of Topic 1.


Topic 2 (10 points)
Initiate a conversation regarding potential topics of interest. This should be a health issue with national and international relevance that will be the basis for your final project. It may be helpful to identify a number of topics of interest and have individual group members do a quick survey of the literature to be sure that there is current information available. Revise the CLC Agreement with the choice of the topic identified in the title and re-submit the CLC Agreement. There is no formal writing requirement for the topic selection. It is merely a brief paragraph declaring your identified topic. NUR 508 – Experience with Health Policy

Topic 3 – Part 1 (50 points)
Research and outline the history of the health issue. Write a formal paper in APA format (500-1,000 words in length), describing the history of the issue. A title, introduction, and a reference page are required, but an abstract and conclusion are not. Include the following:

1) Influences such as determinants of health and socioeconomic status.

2) Past and present initiatives (private and public) to address the issue.

3) Outcomes that have been developed and utilized to measure progress on the issue.

4) The current status of the health issue based on measured outcomes.