Medical Mission Trip Discussion Post

Medical Mission Trip Discussion Post

Medical Mission Trip Discussion Post: View the “Diary of Medical Mission Trip” videos dealing with the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti in 2010. Reflect on this natural disaster by answering the following questions:

  1. Propose one example of a      nursing intervention related to the disaster from each of the following      levels: primary prevention, secondary prevention, and tertiary prevention.      Provide innovative examples that have not been discussed by a previous      student.
  2. Under which phase of the      disaster do the three proposed interventions fall? Explain why you chose      that phase.
  3. With what people or agencies      would you work in facilitating the proposed interventions and why?




Medical Mission Trip Discussion Post

As a BSN prepared nurse, you have been asked to serve as a consultant to suggest a new Quality (Performance) Improvement process for ONE of the areas of deficiency. Write some brief steps (suggestions) for improvement as you contemplate accepting the consulting opportunity.

Share practice improvements utilized from your own clinical nursing experiences that have led to enhanced patient outcomes.

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Desirae Freeze

Friday Sep 22 at 4:30pm

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All healthcare professionals, including nurses, must be actively involved in the continuous improvement of patient care. Quality improvement provides an opportunity to improve patient care at the unit level. Most of these improvements concentrate energies on factors that are most important to patient quality and safety. Proactive management of quality supports continuous improvement of patient care.

What improvement method has been initiated at your facility? What data was gathered? How was this done? What outcomes were measured and how was change implemented to improve the quality of care and patient outcomes?



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Pamela Gould

2:12pm Sep 25 at 2:12pm

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Professor Freeze and class,