Graduate Nurse Resume Cover Letter

Graduate Nurse Resume Cover Letter

Graduate Nurse Resume Cover Letter

Hello all,

I need to submit a resume and a cover letter as a graduate nurse seeking a position in a hospital. I have attached a copy of the guidelines, grading criteria, and a  link to the PDF version of the book for a reference.  Thank you in advance for all of your help.


Nursing Resume Content and Applicant Tracking Systems
In the vast majority of cases, you will apply for nursing jobs through an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). An ATS is a software application that helps employers manage the hiring process.

If you’re filling out an online job-application, then you’re almost certainly using an ATS. It’s important to note that most ATS’s allow healthcare employers to choose which ATS features they want to use and which they do not.

How “Knock Out Questions” Affect Nurse Resume Screening
“Knock Out Questions” might be the most commonly used ATS feature in the healthcare industry. Have you ever applied for a job online where the application asked you a question like, “Do you have 2 years of recent ICU Experience?” Or, “Do you have any violations on your nursing license?”

If so, then you have answered Knock Out Questions. Essentially, if you provide the wrong answer, then you’re out. It doesn’t matter what your resume says.

Unfortunately, Knock Out Questions often come at the end of the online application process. This is because employers want you to enter all your information first. They want to keep in touch throughout the life your career.

What Happens to Your Nursing Resume in the ATS?
In any case, several things can happen when you upload your resume to an ATS. First, the ATS might “parse” the content and add it to the online application where applicable. This saves you time. You’ll be able to review and modify the content as needed.

Second, the ATS might extract all of the resume’s content and enter it into a separate file in the ATS. Recruiters and hiring managers might use this version of your resume instead of referring to the actual document you upload. That’s right, it’s possible that your actual resume is never even seen.