Building Interactions in Medical Practice

Building Interactions in Medical Practice

Building Interactions in Medical Practice

Based On Your Assessment Of Your Personal Needs, Submitted On Your “Request For Practicum Experience” Prior To Registering For This Course, Write Your Overall Practicum Goals. APA Format Is Not Required, But Solid Academic Writing Is Expected. You Are Not

Based on your assessment of your personal needs, submitted on your “Request for Practicum Experience” prior to registering for this course, write your overall practicum goals.

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

You are not required to submit this assignment to Turnitin.

After your overall practicum goals have been approved, begin to write the learning goals that will guide your learning in meeting your overall practicum goals. This will be completed in your Nursing Education Practicum Documentation. Refer to materials from previous courses in the nursing education track to be sure that your goals are written appropriately.

This is what I wrote but the instructor wants it rewritten. She included her instructions


Building Interactions in Medical Practice

Practicum Goals

At the completion of this practicum I plan on doing the following goals:will be able to:

1. One of my first goals is to demonstrate a creative environment that will enable to assist  help the students in their learning process along with the course curricular manuals. The students I will be teaching are currently enrolled in the R.N. associates’ program. It is important that I have a good relationship and interaction with the students as well as having discussion groups, demonstrating and creating an environment in which the students will actively participate[LE1] .

2. The second goal will be that I will develop an interactive relationship with the instructor (mentor) that I will be assisting by developing my own communication skills. Having a good relationship with the instructor that will continue throughout the course will benefit both myself and the students involved. Networking and professional personal relationships can be a vital part of a new nursing educators’ success.

3.  A third goal that I have for this practicum course is that I will develop the ability to adapt to different learning styles that the students may bring to the classroom and thus be[LE2]  able toto present a lesson plan that is understandable by all students. It is my intent to have an open-door policy as well as an open mind to enable me to adapt to different learning styles.

1.The fourth goal is that I would be able to be demonstrate effective instruction in the classroom by availing myself of the resources that are available both online and at the school. Understanding the resources, the students have available will help me succeed as an educator.

1. Accomplishing goals is one measure of success, helping others reach their goals is another! Making new goals and actively trying to achieve these goals are transferable traits that help improve oneself as well as the betterment of each other!

The goals that are presented will be accomplished and then there will be new goals made. New goals are often made as different stages in life are accomplished, once one has been met then a new goal is being set up already often several at a time. Goals often motivate an individual to better themselves and further educate oneself.

Diane, basically what you have to do here is clean up the narrative. Your goals or outcomes should be measurable and broadly stated. None of the explanations you provided are part of this. So you can see that much of what you have written I have red-lined. There are some revisions still needed with the goals, and I have inserted suggestions, so please revise them and resubmit. Then I can approve them and you should be ready to go. Building Interactions in Medical Practice.

[LE1]This is not part of the goal/outcome.

[LE2]If you write this you are adding a second verb and behavior to the outcome. You can only have one.